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We hear many love stories in our line of work. Your story is what makes your relationship unique. Having the chance to help our clients document their own love story is what makes our job so amazing. It helps us understand you as a couple and helps us capture moments as they unfold on your wedding day.

It just so happens that we have a love story of our own. And since we’ll be hearing all about yours, its only fair we share ours.

As fate would have it when I met Andrew I had a broken heart. At that time I was planning a solo trip abroad and was in desperate need of procuring a camera. Lucky for me, Andrew knew a thing or two about photography.

Andrew would trudge over to my place, in the dead of winter, and walk me through the basics of photography. When I left for that trip, I had no intentions of coming back to Calgary. In fact, I was ready to move half way across the world with whatever I had with me. I almost booked a one-way ticket to Melbourne with what I had left in my bank account. But something held me back.

After two months of being away, Andrew flew to meet me in Istanbul for a three-week foray through Turkey and Greece. So, you ask, when exactly did we fall in love? That one’s easy.

We were staying on Santorini and had just missed our pre-booked Ferry back to Athens. Since our sight seeing plans were ruined, we spent the afternoon floating in the pool at our hostel. I can remember it very clearly. In the warmth of the sun and the comfort of the water I remember thinking he was the most perfect creature I had ever laid eyes on. I was very much in love and I had finally realized it. If you ask Andrew, he’ll admit that was the moment he knew he loved me too.

So in the end, I am with the man who flew half way around the world to fix my broken heart. And for that, I am forever grateful.

And that’s our story. We’d love to hear yours.

Drop us a line. We’ll have you over for one of Andrew’s famous lattes (or better yet, a beer!). Let’s discuss how we can help tell your story on your wedding day.

(photo credit: Abby+Dave Photographers)