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2018 Year In Review – Chronicles of Calgary Family and Wedding Photographers

At the end of every calendar year we take a moment to reflect on the wonderful couples we met and the connections made. Photography has been an incredible tool in bringing us one step closer into the lives of those we photograph. The connections we make through what we do has far more meaning to us than commuting to an office job and staring at a computer screen. Although, you could say the short walk from our bedroom to our office is technically a commute and we do work at our computers from time to time. But I digress.

Photography has been a gift and the best part about it is that it’s visual. So, check out our 2018 year in review for some of our favourite images. A huge shout out to all those who trusted us to capture the memories of their big life moments this year.

May your Holidays be bright and here’s to an epic year. From, your Calgary wedding photographers xoxoxo

Family Sessions

My absolute FAVOURITE sessions to photograph are documentary family sessions. Kids are incredible. They play, create and experience joy in a way that adults can only dream of. Kids aren’t self aware enough to even notice a camera and so the moments that are captured are just pure unadulterated joy. I love these types of sessions because I can document freely without the confines of having to create “perfect” images. Kids ARE perfect just the way they are. I have the most fun at these sessions … and I usually come home sweaty, dirty and super happy. Oh, to be a kid again!

The hardest family session I photographed this year was the below session. This family’s story is heartbreaking. The father of this family was diagnosed with life threatening cancer earlier this year and now he’s fighting for his life. I photographed this session in the family’s home in late November in an effort to capture their family as they are at this very moment. We don’t know what the coming weeks or months will bring for this sweet family. I can only hope these photographs will be a cherished and loved by for years to come. This sweet girl is only three and I wanted to capture her connection with her parents as best I could under the circumstances.

I cried throughout this entire session.

Newborn Family Sessions

I was always scared to photograph newborns … until recently. A few of our close friends are starting to have babies and it has given me the confidence I needed to photograph newborns. I have no idea how to swaddle a baby … but I realized that I don’t need to. I just need to photograph the love that a new family shares … and that my friends is what I’m good at. So, this year I started photographing newborn family sessions in the documentary style I love.

There’s no posing. There’s no elaborate scene created with props and pastel coloured headbands. It’s just new moms and dads head over heels in love with their baby. It’s incredible to walk into a home and feel love hit you like a tidal wave.

Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are an incredible way to connect with our couples before their wedding day. We love engagement sessions because they aren’t rushed and we can take our time photographing a couple in some pretty amazing locations. This year we had the most amazing time adventuring with our clients to locations that are near and dear to their hearts. From mountain tops to a private home just outside of Bragg creek and a foray through the winding streets of Venice, Italy. Oh, our hearts!

One of the most exciting sessions we photographed this year was in Venice as we were visiting friends who live in Italy. It was a rainy day and the streets were nearly empty as we photographed this session. This was an incredible experience and we were lucky to get a personalized Venice street tour from locals. The bonus? We stopped for wine at least three times.


When we experienced our very own wedding day at the beginning of 2017 we realized how incredible a wedding day truly is. When all the people you love most in the world come together to celebrate, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Below are a few highlights from our 2018 wedding season. There’s nothing we love more than creating images that show a couple how much they are truly loved. These are some of our favourite moments from this year.

Also – props to this grandma who rocked a flask before the wedding ceremony!

This was one of the biggest wedding parties we’ve ever photographed ….

… and the most amazing moment with these two love birds on the dancefloor. Oh, our hearts are bursting!

2018 was one of our favourite years so far. Thank you to everyone we met, photographed or touched our hearts. We wake up every morning not believing we get to create family memories for a living. Our job is truly one of the most magical jobs on the planet. We love being Calgary wedding photographers …. and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!

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