Why Your Wedding is not The Best Day of Your Life

your wedding is not the best day of your life

Why Your Wedding is not The Best Day of Your Life

Weddings are wonderful. They truly are. It is a rare occasion that brings two families together in celebration. This day is a right of passage and it’s tradition to mark your commitment with beautiful food, good conversation and a party. When it comes down to it though, we have to remember one thing. A wedding day should be about celebrating the beginning of a marriage. After all, a wedding day is the first day in a lifetime of many firsts. The first day in a succession of good days, bad days and all the days in between. That’s why your wedding is not the best day of your life. In our opinion, your marriage will be the catalyst to many “best days” that are yet to come. And that, my friends, is worth celebrating.

Andrew and I had an amazing wedding day. We were tucked away in a quiet little corner of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It was a clear day in early January. The trees were covered in snow and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was a very small affair. Just twelve guests attended. Our immediate family and us. It felt like we had a little slice of paradise all to ourselves. And we did, we really did. But, our wedding is not the best day of our lives so far and here’s why.

why your wedding is not the best day of your lifeThere Are a Million Best Days of Your Life

A marriage should be a collection of best days. One strung up next to the other like little badges of honour. These “best days” should start well before the wedding day and extend into the years that lie ahead. You see, when you build a solid foundation for a marriage, there is no best day of your life. Every new day with your partner should have that title. It shouldn’t be reserved for the day you put on a white dress and throw a big party. Although, your wedding day is a good “best day” to add to the archives, that’s for sure.

why your wedding is not the best day of your life, there are many best days

Creating Your Best Days

We are in control of creating the best days of our lives. We can choose to manifest the moments that bring us joy and fulfillment. That’s why I wish every couple would spend as many hours working on their marriage as they do wedding planning. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of a wedding day that we forget to work on the thing that actually matters. The marriage.

Working on your marriage is one thing. The hard part is setting aside the time to do it consistently. It can be as simple as an extra five minutes of connection time before bed. One date night a month for just the two of you, no matter what comes up in the schedule. It can be a simple as making dinner together every Sunday or saying “I love and appreciate you” often. It’s those little moments together that add up to a lifetime of “best days”. When you make the time in your marriage for these connections, you’ll find that these moments materialize organically.

building a friendship before a marriage

Our First Best Day

One of the best days of my life happened long before our wedding. I just didn’t know it at the time. Looking back now though, it truly changed my life forever. It was the first of many “best days” in our marriage. That day was Oct 31st 2008. The day Andrew and I met for the first time. In the few short hours of that evening, the course of our lives changed forever. It sounds hyperbolic, but it’s true. That night influenced where I ended up living and it set me on the path to becoming a photographer, which I didn’t have plans of doing at the time. And guys, being a photographer has brought me so much happiness. So that night really did change my life forever. I ended up meeting the person who would be come my best friend, business partner, greatest supporter, travel companion and husband.

Here’s to Many More Best Days

Below is a photo from a trip we took to Santorini six months after we met. The time we had together on this trip was …. well, it was like floating on clouds for three weeks. We were half in reality and half in a dream. Andrew flew half way across the world to meet me on this trip. He created that time to be with me and work on our relationship, even if it was only six months in. Every day of that trip was another best day of our lives. Another day added to our marriage made of best days because we are dedicated to creating these memories whenever possible. We want to celebrate all the little moments alongside the major ones. We want to look back on our married years when we’re old and grey and know we made the most of it.

that time we fell in love on Santorini

Pretty much the exact day we fell in love, on Santorini, Greece.

Folks. A wedding day comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Your marriage is the thing that lasts a lifetime. If you do it right, you’ll have more “best days of your life” throughout your marriage than you can count. Most of all, when you marry your best friend every day is an adventure and something worth celebrating.

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Photos of our wedding day and engagement by the talented, the incomparable Abby + Dave. Photo from the beautiful white staircase in Mexico by our fav videographers Parfait Productions. The killer photo of us in Drumheller is from the amazing Evan Cikaluk.

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