Honeymoon Planning Tips for Travel Loving Newlyweds

honeymoon planning tips for travel loving newlyweds

Quick and Simple Honeymoon Planning Tips

One of the most exciting things about a wedding, aside from marrying your best friend, is planning a honeymoon. An excuse to plan a dream vacation? YES PLEASE!

As exciting as it is, where do you start? Below we’ve compiled some practical honeymoon planning tips and resources to get you started.

Choosing your honeymoon destination

We live in an amazing time. These days you can jet set to the most remote locations on the planet and you can book it all online. The world is literally your oyster. With so many choices, where do you start?

First, let yourself dream a little. What would be the perfect get-away for you and your love? A beach in the middle of the Caribbean? A jungle trek in central America? Hiking the badlands of Turkey? The best place to start is decide what “down time” means to you. From there make a list of destinations that fit that criteria. Check out The Knot’s list of 50 best places to honeymoon. You can even search different criteria like most romantic or adventurous locations.

Next, do some more in depth research. We love reading up on our next adventure using Lonely Planet’s travel guides. You can find in depth information on pretty much any destination in the world. From where to stay, places to dine and how to get there Lonely Planet has you covered. You can purchase their books at your local bookstore or download electronic copies. Oh, and they always have a running list of up and coming or more adventurous off-the-beaten-path travel destinations (our fav!!).

Wat Tham Suea temple, Krabi Thailand a great honeymoon destination

– Wat Tham Suea temple just outside Krabi, Thailand. Photo by Andrew

Saving for your ideal honeymoon

The most practical honeymoon planning tip we can give is start saving early. Think about setting aside a small amount every month to put towards your honeymoon. You’d be surprised how fast those savings add up. Check out the DIY tutorial below by Something Turquoise on how to make your own honeymoon saving fund.

Saving for your honeymoon

– image from Something Turquoise and her super awesome Honey Fund DIY shadow box tutorial

Practical tip #2 – account for your honeymoon expenses in your wedding budget. Allocate your trip expenses up front and it gets easier to ensure your honeymoon actually happens. This approach seems logical in theory but can be harder to execute in real life. Budgets are exceeded and unexpected costs do come up. Never fear! Consider setting up a Honeyfund, an online gift registry for monetary wedding gifts. Guests contribute to your honey fund online and you can allocate those funds towards your pst-wedding get away Everyone wins!

an online gift registry for honeymoon planning tips and more

– Honeyfund is the leading online gift registry for travel loving newlyweds. Honeymoon planning tip win!

When to go on your honeymoon

It seems like such a romantic notion to leave your reception and hop a flight to Fiji. We’re here to tell you don’t do it. Seriously. Aside from the fact that you should enjoy your wedding reception to it’s fullest, you’ll need time to rest after the wedding. Take at least 1-2 days after your wedding to wind down from the excitement.

Secondly, if you are planning a beautiful summer wedding, especially in Canada, August might not be the best time to get away. You may consider saving your honeymoon for the middle of February in order to get away from winter.

Another honeymoon planning tip? Once you’ve selected your destination, make sure you travel there at a good time of year for that location. You don’t want to land in Thailand in the middle of monsoon season or plan a hiking trip in the Australian outback in their impossibly hot summer. Here’s a sweet online resource from Easy Planet Travel’s list of where to go when.

Sydney Harbour during a lightning storm

– Sydney Harbour during a lightning storm. Photo by Andrew

Practical honeymoon packing tips

Last but not least. Packing. This is probably the least romantic part of the whole process but totally essential. If you are planning on leaving for your honeymoon right after your wedding, we recommend packing in advance. Things get crazy around the wedding. You don’t want to forget your passport or your travel insurance documents because you were rushed getting out the door. So, do it in advance so you can just grab your bags and go.

To help you prepare, we tracked down a helpful honeymoon packing checklist. The lovely people over at Real Simple have compiled a checklist of packing essentials for your carry on and checked bags. They also have add-on lists for beach destinations or honeymoons that are bit more adventurous. Neat!

What to pack when you are honeymoon planning tips for newlyweds

Whether you jet set to an exotic locale or plan a staycation close to home, make sure you set aside some time to connect with your love after the wedding. A few days together to unwind is priceless.

Happy honeymoon planning!

Oh, and for a more comprehensive guide to everything weddings, head on over to WeddingWire’s Wedding Tips page for more!

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