Jessica and Andrew’s Winter Wedding in Canmore

winter wedding photos

Jessica and Andrew’s winter wedding vendors:

Hair and Makeup: Jenna Anderson of  The Pretty Haus

Dress: Lorie by Maggie Sorreto

Venue: The Iron Goat

Vow Books: Stevie and Bean

When we arrived in Canmore the morning of Jessica and Andrew’s wedding, it was a warm November day in the Canadian Rockies. This was good for some reasons and not so good for others. The sun was shining. For November in Alberta, this is amazing. However, the landscape was entirely brown. Every shade of brown there is. Yuck.

By the time Jessica walked down the aisle the snow was softly falling in the mountains. The kind of snow that floats slowly and rests gently in the trees. It covered everything beautifully until the sounds of the world around us quieted. It almost felt magical. This winter wedding in Canmore was a favourite from 2015 for sure.

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