Julia and Ed’s Sweet Rocky Mountain Wedding

epic silvertip resort wedding in canmore

The rain was socked in. The mountains were covered in a drizzly fog. August 21st in the Canadian rockies and the weather network was calling for snow.

The groom bought 150 umbrellas and ponchos for wedding guests. The wedding party huddled under umbrellas for warmth. They hoped for an outdoor ceremony overlooking the iconic bow valley mountain range, but knew that a last minute indoor ceremony was more likely. Still, Julia and Ed stood in silent confidence knowing that this day would mark the first in their married adventure together.

After a last minute scramble to rearrange seating and dinner tables, they were married in front of their closest friends and family in front of a stone fireplace. Exchanging hand written vows and knowing that this too would be a day to go down in the memory books. A wonderful story to tell future generations.

10 minutes before the reception started, the clouds parted and the mountains showed us how magnificent they truly are.

Here is a private moment between bride and groom, partners in life, weathering the storm together and looking forward to their bright future together.

Congratulations Julia and Ed, your sweet rocky mountain wedding was absolutely magical.

Venue: Silvertip Resort

Hair and Makeup: Rapunzel’s Salon

Florals: Elements Floral

Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Frocks Modern Bridesmaids

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