Fish Creek Park Engagement Session – Dayla and Ben

Fish Creek Park Engagement Session

Fish Creek Park Engagement Session with Dayla and Ben

Engagement sessions are about finding the beauty in relationships. They’re about discovering what makes a couple click. They’re about making photographs that showcase the authentic side of a couple’s relationship. Making photographs isn’t just about the perfect location or the perfect light. It’s about spending time finding out what is unique about a couple and why their relationship is special. It’s about finding the reason two people want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Dayla and Ben are musicians. They are leaders in their community. And they just happen to be soulmates.

We started their session in Ben’s home. It’s where they hang out together. Where they play board games and drink tea. Ben plays the guitar, Dayla the piano. Listening them to play it was pretty clear that music has a place in both of their hearts. And they are both super talented. When the light was most beautiful, we started their Fish Creek Park engagement session. A few quiet moments together as the sun was setting. These guys were made to be together.

When a couple opens themselves up to us, we are able to see through the outer exterior and right into their personal connection. When we can see how two people connect with each other, it be comes clear how to photograph them. We strongly believe that photographs should reflect how we feel, not just how we look. When we can get past the exterior and discover what’s at the core of a relationship, the photographs turn into something much more than a record of what things looked like. The photos then, have substance and meaning. Looking at these kinds of photos can take you back to how you felt at that moment in your life and remind you of exactly why you married your very best friend, your soulmate.

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