Chandra & Harry | Urban Downtown Calgary Engagement

urban downtown calgary engagement photos

Urban Downtown Calgary Engagement Session

This urban downtown Calgary engagement session was such a pleasure to photograph. Chasing the end of day golden light with these two was effortless. We started their session overlooking downtown Calgary and as the sun set over the city, the sky turned bright orange and faded into a purple sky. As twilight fell, the city lights were glowing and we were able to have a few quiet moments overlooking Calgary, a special place in the hearts of this couple. It really was the perfect day for the best engagement photos.

Chandra and Harry contacted us over email as neither one of them live in Calgary at the moment. But, we absolutely love how this couple met. It’s funny how the universe brings two people together:

“We went to medical school on a small island. But, that’s not where our romance started. We met at a party in Manhattan by chance. He was literally on his way out and I was on my way in. To make a long story short, we started dating shortly after. The rest is history. Because of our jobs, we currently live one thousand miles apart. But, we love each other a thousand times more. We can’t wait to finally be together forever.”

We know in our hearts that Chandra and Harry’s marriage will have the magic of a lifelong adventure together. Even if it begins with a thousand miles between them. Their dedication to their relationship and deep connection is unmistakable. With a chance encounter that will lead to a lifetime of happiness, we know these two have found their one true love. It was such an honour to capture this beautiful time in their lives together. Who knows what the future will hold, but these moments were filled with pure happiness and joy. We love that our job allows us to capture this time in a couple’s life so they can remember exactly how they felt just before they married their soulmate.

urban downtown calgary engagement photos

urban downtown calgary engagement photos urban downtown calgary engagement photos

Chandra and Harry’s Engagement Session Locations:


Riley Park in Kensington

McHugh Bluff Park, overlooking downtown Calgary

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