Calgary Arcade Engagement Session


Calgary Arcade Engagement Session

Alright folks.  This one is pretty awesome.  This Calgary arcade engagement session will knock your socks off. When was the last time you went to an arcade?  I mean, a real arcade. I am talkin’ skee ball and buck hunter folks.  A GIANT Connect Four.  I’m guessing you were a teenager the last time you stepped into one of these gems. We know we were.

The Last of the Arcades

There happens to be exactly ONE arcade left in Calgary.  In fact, its in Balzac at Cross Iron Mills Silvercity. We know, because we did some intense internet research and called around a lot.  Apparently Calgary used to have a pretty awesome arcade scene. But alas, arcades are being replaced by X-box, Playstations and our smartphones. However, if you ever find yourself arriving a little early to catch a movie, stop in at the arcade and you’ll see how much fun it still is.

Air hockey. Racing cars. Basketball. Skee Ball.  It’s all there … and plenty of other games we’ve never heard of!

Eva and Carter go to the arcade all the time (they have a re-loadable arcade card!) – so when we asked them what a typical Saturday looked like, it was easy for them.  Let’s go to the arcade!  We aren’t the sharpest shooters and the last time we played skee-ball was at Chuck-E-Cheese at a grade school birthday party, but we were game.  Check out the highlights from their engagement session below!

Eva and Carter are getting hitched in Sept 2014 and just like their Calgary arcade engagement session, they’ve planned some pretty awesome stuff for their wedding.  A morning ceremony, brunch and then a trip out to Canmore to take a tour of the Grizzly Paw Brewery.  Heck yes!

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