Calgary Wedding // Nathan + Candace

Nathan and Candace’s Calgary Wedding

When we first met Nathan and Candace for beers at Craft Beer Market over a year ago, we knew we’d get along with these two straight away.  These guys know good food and they sure know great beer when they see it. They’re instagram feed has us drooling almost every day 🙂

What we loved most about this wedding is that Nathan and Candace tailored their wedding day so that they were doing the things they love with the people they love the most.  Nathan and Candace love good food, great beer, good times and stylish shoes.  Yep – Nathan owns close to 8o pairs of unique and limited edition kicks.  I don’t even think they’re all in his size.  When we got together for their engagement session – they were sporting the same pair – check it out here.

The tone of the day was set when Candace opened a present from Nathan and inside were a shiny new pair of customized Nikes.  Matching wedding colours and all!  He even had “Mrs. Chung” and the date embroidered on the back of the shoes.  The best part?  Candace wore them all day 🙂  We have to say – every bride we work with suffers from sore feet by the time the wedding day is over. Candace was NOT one of those brides (and she looked fabulous!).

These guys opted for a beer pouring ceremony (in place of sand) and we went to the pub for their wedding photos.  It was awesome!  The pub was empty at 2pm on a Saturday, the wedding party enjoyed some snacks and beer and we got some amazing shots with these two in a great location!  Nathan also surprised Candace with their first dance at the top of the Calgary Tower.  RO-MAN-TIC. *swoon*

We loved this wedding!  We loved photographing it.  We loved celebrating with these two – and we loved the fact that Nathan and Candace did whatever they wanted on their wedding day and we all had a tonne of fun as a result.

Congrats to the newlyweds!  We had a blast!

xoxo Erin and Andrew

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Nathan and Candace’s Calgary Wedding Vendors:

Bride’s Dress: Simply Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Make-up Artist: Sarah Kuntz of Beauti by Sarah

Hair stylists: Deanna Zhao and Teresa Pham

Groom’s Suit: Banana Republic

Groom’s sneaks: Livestock

Reception Design: Anna @ Pink Orchid Décor

Wedding Co-ordination: Maryann Lai

Floral designs: May Rose Florist

Cake artist: MaryJane Lai

Donuts: Jelly Modern Donuts


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