Summer Camp Engagement // Kira + Steven

Summer Camp Engagement Session // Kira and Steven

We love hearing our couple’s stories.  Some of our couples are high school sweet hearts, some met at work and some were introduced by friends.  Some of our couples have known each other their whole lives – maybe they went to grade school together or maybe, in Kira and Steven’s case, they met at summer camp.

For this engagement session we were asked to travel just outside of Red Deer to Camp BB Riback where Kira and Steven met.  The camp had just closed down for the summer, the campers had gone home and the staff hung around to clean up and have one final hurrah before the summer came to a close.  At sunset, this camp has one of the most spectacular views in all of Alberta. It was simply stunning.

Kira and Steven are set to be married next summer – we can’t wait to be there!

xoxo Erin and Andrew


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