Regan + Riley // Wedding Trailer

The past couple of days have been devastating for Calgary and surrounding areas in Southern Alberta. Our province is under water. During this time, we have seen the city come together to help those in need and provide safety for all flood evacuees in need of help and a place to stay.  It has truly been heartwarming.

The wedding industry has certainly been effected with many couples (and vendors) scrambling to find last minute venue changes and replacements for areas that have been affected by the flood.  It is amazing to hear that people are coming together – its amazing what love can do at a time like this.

Regan + Riley are no exception – their wedding is happening at Spruce Meadows in a month and we can’t wait to celebrate their wedding day. Luckily, the flooding won’t affect their wedding day, but if we had to, we’d swim across a city of muddy water to be there and their wedding trailer is a testament as to why. They are just perfect for each other. We are super excited to be part of their big day.

Stay safe everyone.

XOXO Photographik

Regan and Riley // Wedding Trailer from Photographik on Vimeo.

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