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The summer months are extremely busy for Andrew and I – we probably work more hours from April – October than most people do in a 365 day stretch.  It’s wedding season and its our favorite time of year.  Unfortunately, in Alberta, Nov – March are not the most favorable months to get out there and do what we love best.  So, this year, we’re making more of an effort to get out there and do some hiking.

Heart mountain was the first of many summer hikes we’ve planned for this year.  A 900m elevation gain in just a few short kilometers, this hike was mostly a scramble, which was a bit ambitious for the first hike of the season.  It was the type of hike where the descent was a tougher than the hike up, and I found myself hiking backwards most of the way down because it was easier on my poor little knees 🙂  Nothing a couple of beers at the Grizzly Paw couldn’t fix.

Heart_Mountain001 Heart_Mountain002 Heart_Mountain003 Heart_Mountain004 Heart_Mountain005 Heart_Mountain006 Heart_Mountain007 Heart_Mountain008 Heart_Mountain009 Heart_Mountain010 Heart_Mountain011 Heart_Mountain012 Heart_Mountain013 Heart_Mountain014 Heart_Mountain015 Heart_Mountain016 Heart_Mountain017

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