Kelowna Road Trip // Personal Work

Its May long weekend in Alberta.  In Calgary we could have snow.  Or hail.  Or sun.  You don’t know.  That’s why taking off to wine country is essential.  With a few fabulous ladies in tow it was an awesome weekend.  Many thanks to Cellina and Cory for offering up your house to us – Cory especially for feeding us all weekend and his chauffeur services 🙂  Also, there were baby goats.  We got to feed baby goats. That in and of itself made my our whole weekend.  Until we meet again Kelowna ….


kelowna-1 Kelowna002 kelowna-4 kelowna-9 Kelowna005 kelowna-5 kelowna-11 Kelowna003 Kelowna017 kelowna-17 Kelowna006 Kelowna004 kelowna-43 kelowna-47 Kelowna015 Kelowna009 kelowna-50 Kelowna018 kelowna-30 Kelowna008 kelowna-44 Kelowna016 kelowna-28 Kelowna007 kelowna-53 kelowna-32 Kelowna010 Kelowna014 Kelowna011 kelowna-36 kelowna-57 kelowna-58 Kelowna012 kelowna-2 Kelowna001 Kelowna013 kelowna-12

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