Vancouver + Seattle // Personal Work

When spring in Alberta just isn’t cutting it …  we have a mantra.  Head west.  Andrew and I took off for 10 days through the mountains to what I like to call “the promised lands”.  Vancouver and Seattle that is. Cherry blossoms.  Apple blossoms.  Just a whole lotta blossoms.  And sushi.  By God, there was sushi.  Oh yeah, and we took part in the Canada Photo Convention while we were there.  Super. Mega. Awesome.  Here are some photos we took along the way.

Props to Diane + Mike for an awesome time in Vancouver at CPC. Just a couple of photogs keepin’ it real

vancouver_seattle002 vancouver seattle-100 vancouver seattle-36-2 vancouver seattle-20 vancouver seattle-1 vancouver seattle-2 vancouver seattle-15 vancouver seattle-9 vancouver seattle-101 vancouver seattle-37 vancouver seattle-40 vancouver seattle-111 vancouver seattle-112 vancouver seattle-12 vancouver_seattle009 vancouver seattle-10 vancouver seattle-14 vancouver seattle-110 vancouver_seattle007 vancouver seattle-39 vancouver seattle-4 vancouver seattle-6 vancouver seattle-7 vancouver seattle-105 vancouver seattle-113 vancouver_seattle005 vancouver seattle-117 vancouver seattle-18 vancouver seattle-114 vancouver seattle-23 vancouver seattle-25 vancouver seattle-19 vancouver seattle-22 vancouver seattle-30 vancouver seattle-21 vancouver seattle-26 vancouver seattle-115 vancouver_seattle004 vancouver seattle-116 vancouver_seattle006 vancouver seattle-31 vancouver seattle-119

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