Bragg Creek Engagement // Jen and Ryan

Those of you who know us well, probably know how much we want a dog.  Its been two long and arduous years of living through what we affectionately call “the puppy pangs”.   Children?  Taken ’em or leave ’em. Its a puppy we are pining for.

So when we got a text from Jen and Ryan accompanied by a photo of the world’s most incredibly cute puppy (whom they just adopted) we immediately booked their engagement session.  Puppy cuddles!  Aside from about 6 million photos of  Kholer, their dog, we managed to create some pretty stunning images of these two.  We spent the afternoon in Bragg Creek (and the surrounding area) – visiting Camp Horizon, where first Jen worked when she moved out West, took the pup for a walk at Allen Bill Pond and finished the session at Elbow Falls (which is even more stunning in the winter than in the summer by the way!)  The best part about this session is that Jen and Ryan were totally relaxed and just had fun … and it shows in these photos.  They’re truly awesome people.  They’re so awesome that when we had to originally re-schedule their engagement session due to horrific weather – they invited us over to their house and made us Irish stew.   That’s how awesome they are.

So, here are a few really awesome engagement photos of some pretty awesome people (and the world’s most adorable puppy).  J+R – if you wake up one morning and he’s missing, you’ll know where to look.

xoxo Erin and Andrew

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