Record Store Engagement // Christina and Adam

Most photographers know that three elements must come together to make a beautiful photograph.  Light, composition and a moment.  Great light and good composition happen all the time.  That is the part of the photograph the creator can control.  The third and most elusive component – the moment – is not always up to the creator, but is dependent on the subject.  Engagement sessions are all about having fun.  We like to plan engagement sessions around what our clients truly love doing.  That’s when the moments happen – and it could be as simple as a typical Saturday afternoon.

Adam and Christina love music.  Scratch that.  They love good music – you know, the kind that doesn’t get made any more.  The Beatles.  Led Zeppelin.  The Stones.  Its the kind of music that really only sounds proper with the cracks and pops of vinyl spinning on a needle.  Cut to an early Saturday afternoon.  We enter Heritage Posters & Music and are greeted by owner Jerry Keogh with cold beers in hand.  We snapped a few photos while Adam and Christina were getting lost in record titles and album covers.  What makes these photographs so amazing is it’s what they would have been doing any other Saturday afternoon.  This is what they love doing.

That’s why these photos are so awesome.  Light and composition are up to the photographer, but its the moment that counts. Thanks for sharing these moments with us – and we can’t wait for your wedding in June.

xoxo Andrew and Erin

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