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I realized today that I don’t take my camera out with me very often.  I mean, I should have that thing strapped to my body like another appendage – no?  There are so many beautiful things out there just waiting for their moment in the so-called photographic limelight.  So, in an ode to the photography Gods I decided I’d throw the crappiest lens we have (the very first version of the lensbaby muse, picked up for free from a friend) on our trusty D600 and start shooting.  We had a random road trip planned to the mountains to have some tea with a good friend, Brittany Esther Staddon and even though we’ve made the road-trek to Canmore at least once a month for past 6 years, I’ve never actually taken the time to appreciate it through the lens.  Despite feeling slightly nauseous cramming my eye against the viewfinder and pushing around the focus on the lensbaby (in a moving car), it was great to appreciate the foothills in a whole new light – blurry focus and all.  Maybe it’s not a 365 project, but its at least a start at rediscovering what its like to shoot for myself.

Many thanks to Brittany for the tea and good conversation – and to Schroeder (her beloved schnauzer) who made me fall in love just a little bit more with man’s best friend.

Happy Saturday xxoo

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just a little road trip to Canmore, AB

just a little road trip to Canmore, AB

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