Canadian Winter Engagement // Stephanie & Tyler

While Canadian winters are truly beautiful they aren’t always the most pleasant.  When Stephanie & Tyler told us they wanted to hold off their engagement session until we got fresh snow I think we all felt just a little bit more Canadian.  Stephanie & Tyler braved the cold with us and shot a session that feels more Canadian than anything we have done before.  Snowshoes, mittens, hot chocolate, and a tepee in the woods!  It all sounds like a bit much until you see how sweet these two are together.  We all toughed out the cold, with hot baths for all as soon as we returned home!  We are super excited for Stephanie & Tyler’s wedding this summer…this hot, warm, summer. Enjoy!

canadian_engagement_stephtyler001 canadian_engagement_stephtyler026 canadian_engagement_stephtyler003 canadian_engagement_stephtyler004 canadian_engagement_stephtyler005 canadian_engagement_stephtyler006 canadian_engagement_stephtyler007 canadian_engagement_stephtyler002 canadian_engagement_stephtyler009 canadian_engagement_stephtyler010 canadian_engagement_stephtyler008 canadian_engagement_stephtyler011 canadian_engagement_stephtyler014 canadian_engagement_stephtyler012 canadian_engagement_stephtyler013 canadian_engagement_stephtyler035 canadian_engagement_stephtyler031 canadian_engagement_stephtyler032 canadian_engagement_stephtyler033 canadian_engagement_stephtyler034 canadian_engagement_stephtyler036 canadian_engagement_stephtyler037 canadian_engagement_stephtyler038 canadian_engagement_stephtyler042 canadian_engagement_stephtyler039 canadian_engagement_stephtyler040 canadian_engagement_stephtyler041 canadian_engagement_stephtyler025

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