Headshots // Andrea, Alex & Ryan

With things are really ramping up for the coming wedding season it is always nice to have the opportunity to shoot something different.  While headshots are a vital part of a brand and identity I am constantly disappointed with the number of very dated headshots you see out there.  I personally believe professional photos that portray your character or your brand shouldn’t look like the photos you got in grade two 😉 (I am picturing canvas backgrounds and the clothes your mom made you wear!)  I was over joyed when everyone looking for headshots had something a little different in mind.  They wanted photos with context, and photos that showed their personality, photos that matched their brand.

I have included some info and links below so you can check them out for yourselves!

andrea_lessard_headshot_click001 andrea_lessard_headshot_click002 andrea_lessard_headshot_click003

Andrea Lessard is creating company called “Click” that specializes in translation and cross cultural communication.  Her goal is to approach translation as being about communicating, connecting two parties and facilitating their interactions and success.  In her words, “My company is not about words, as people often think when they hear “translation”, it is about developing relationships: 1) facilitating relationships between my clients and their prospects (or other party), and 2) building and fostering good, long-term relationships with clients, to work as partners rather than customers.

Ryan_Smith_communitypartnersinc001 Ryan_Smith_communitypartnersinc002

Ryan Smith is a real estate agent for Community Partners Inc.  Their boutique brokerage takes a whole new approach to real estate.  Rather than focusing solely in the sale and purchase of property they build a relationship with their clients keeping them informed on everything they need to know about their investment not only for purchase and sale, but also during ownership of their home.  They liken themselves to the financial advisors of real estate, and pride themselves on their hands on approach to reality.  We actually met Ryan because we are shooting his wedding this summer!  Watch for their engagement session (and super cute puppy – Kohler) on the blog soon!

alex_paisley_detailstalent002 alex_paisley_detailstalent003 alex_paisley_detailstalent004

Alex Paisley is a good friend of ours and is always busy!  You may catch him working promos at the flames games or around Calgary as part of the team at Details Talent.  He also owns an apparel design company called Volume Sports.  We always have a blast working with Alex and some of you may recognize him from a super cute session with did with him and his sweetheart Laura – Check it out here if you missed it!

That’s it for now, more engagements and weddings coming soon!

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