Nathan & Candace // 17th Ave Engagement Session

Two words.  Ninja. Kicks.

We knew we’d get along with these two when:  A) we hit it off over beers at Craft at their booking consultation   B)they wanted to tool around 17th Ave on a Sunday afternoon for their engagement photos   C) they excel at Ninja kicks (see below) and  D) we finished their engagement session off at National.  Andrew and I would have been doing Ninja kicks all the way down 17th Ave anyway, so for us this was a normal Sunday afternoon.

Love these two so much! Can’t wait to see Candace ninja kick her way down the aisle this September!


xoxo Erin and Andrew

Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement001 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement002 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement003 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement004 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement005 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement010 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement008 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement011Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement013 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement014 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement019 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement020 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement017 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement018 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement026 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement028 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement025 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement029 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement027 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement022 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement021 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement030 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement024 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement031 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement032 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement033 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement034 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement035 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement036 Nathan_candice_17AVE_engagement037

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