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Central Memorial Park Wedding, Calgary AB

Theirs was a day filled with love. A beautiful September day for Molly and Shannon’s Central Memorial Park wedding. Friends and family gathered to listen to their vows. To witness them promise to spend the rest of their lives together. A day of happiness. A day full of love. A wonderful celebration.



Molly and Shannon’s Calgary Central Memorial Park wedding vendors:

Gown: Novia Mia 

Groomswear: Nordstrom

Bridesmaid Dresses: Cameo & Cufflinks

Ceremony Officiant: Maureen Roberts

Venue: Hotel Arts

DJ: Hurricane Hollywood
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Sarah and Mark’s Edmonton Faculty Club Wedding vendors:

Wedding Co-ordination: Eco Chic Events

Dress: Jenny Yoo from Frocks

Floral Designs: Anna Williams of Bunches

Venue: The Faculty Club, University of Alberta

Theirs is a wholehearted love. The kind of love that flows throughout a lifetime. It sticks to you, grows alongside you. It’s the kind of love shared between the best of friends. The kind of passion they write novels about. He adores her. You can see it in his face when she enters a room. She is radiant and kind. A soft light that shines in an otherwise shadow filled room. He is her everything. The kind of man who is gentle and caring and filled with adoration for the woman he loves.

When Sarah arrived at Edmonton’s Rutherford House for some finishing touches she was filled with anticipation. It was electrical, you could feel it across the room. Mark arrived shortly after and waited patiently to see her for the first time. She was stunning. The kind of bride whose smile lights up a room. Not because of the white dress or flawless makeup. She has the kind of smile that you can’t look away from.

Their Edmonton Faculty Club wedding was flawless. A true celebration. We must mention the amazing talent of Leah Hilsenteger of Eco Chic Events. From start to finish this wedding was seamless. Beautiful touches and nothing but smiles from guests all night long. Thank you for making our job so easy for this wedding, truly.

Sarah and Mark, yours is a love most can only dream of having. Cherish it. You two have beautiful souls and we are so happy you have found your life’s greatest love.


edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-1 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-2 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-4 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-5 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-6 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-7 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-8 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-9 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-11 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-12 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-13 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-14 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-15 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-16 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-17 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-18 edmonton-faculty-club-wedding-19


When two people have a connection like Corey and Robbe it is simply unmistakable. The air is filled with laughter. Everything is easy. Conversation is seamless, adventure seems to be around every corner. They are the kind of couple that make love seem endless.

It’s the simple things. The way he looks at her. The way she settles into his embrace.  A kind of quiet feeling of comfort; like home. She is his everything and he her guiding light. Together they are the stuff of fairytales and happy endings. But this love, my friends is real.

Corey and Robbe in the beautiful Rocky Mountains for their engagement session in Canmore.

romantic-canmore-engagement-1 engagement-session-in-canmore-2 engagement-session-in-canmore-12 engagement-session-in-canmore-3 engagement-session-in-canmore-9 engagement-session-in-canmore-15