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I am a total romantic at heart.  I’m the kind of romantic who appreciates that actions speak louder than words, that it’s the thought that counts and I absolutely, positively love surprises (except when I know a surprise is coming, I can’t stand the waiting game!).  It’s the romantic side of me that is always curious about how our couples met and especially how the groom proposed.  Call me girly.

So, when we met with Chantel and Kurt a few months back and learned that they were planning their wedding but weren’t yet engaged – we were thrown for a bit of a loop.  In today’s crazy world, and in Calgary especially, it makes sense to start planning your wedding as early as possible.  In this case, that’s exactly what Chantel and Kurt were doing.

A few days after Chantel and Kurt booked us for their 2013 Bragg Creek wedding, we received an email from Kurt letting us in on his proposal plan.  The ring was being designed.  He had a weekend in Banff booked already.  Chantel had no idea.  When Kurt asked us to photograph the two of them the morning after he proposed, we were so totally excited.  We were going to be part of the surprise!

We had a great afternoon of engagement photography with these two, and their gorgeous Husky, Duke (a big thank you goes out to our friend Ray, who helped us with dog duty while we were shooting!).  Thanks Kurt, for letting us in on your plans and thanks to the both of you for having us be part of such an incredible weekend.

Xoxo Erin (the hopeless romantic) and Andrew

Life’s biggest celebrations just wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t share them with our closest friends and family.  In our line of work, Andrew and I have the pleasure of witnessing major life moments all the time.  Its the community of relatives, friends and loved ones that make these events so special.  For Audrey and Julian, their early October wedding was highlighted with moments made special by such a community of people.

When we first met with Audrey and Julian, they mentioned that their wedding party would be made up of 14 of their nearest and dearest.  Fourteen!  I have to admit, we hadn’t worked with a wedding party quite so large before and we wondered how the logistics of the day would work from a photographer’s perspective.  Its hard to round up 6 or 7 people to stand still for photos – let alone a cavalry of fourteen!   As soon as I arrived at Audrey’s family home the morning of the wedding, I felt welcome right away.  The nerves about photographing this bunch went right out the door.  The house was full of love.  The family photos on the wall told a story of kids growing up in a loving home, the way that everyone came together to take care of last minute details, the loving gazes as Audrey stepped into her wedding dress.  It was truly amazing to experience the energy in the Perry house.

If it wasn’t enough just sharing in this special day, everyone involved played a little part in making this wedding extra special.  Friends and family did an amazing job decorating the reception hall, Julian’s boys played it cool despite some last minute craziness and a little episode involving incorrectly hemmed pants, the fathers actually made the wedding cake together (!!!!! you have to check out this out, its amazing!) and the thanksgiving themed reception dinner felt like a good home cooked meal.  I of course teared up during the speeches – but what else is new?

At the end of the day, everyone celebrated together – with some of the most impressive Gangnam style we’ve seen all season.  It was a great party and we had an amazing time with this awesome clan.  Congratulations Audrey and Julian we are so happy for you.  P.S – give our best to Lefty 🙂

xoxo Erin and Andrew

Meet Kelsey and Sheldon.

These two high school sweethearts moved out to Calgary from out east a few years ago. These two are so very super cute and we were happy to get together to photograph them on such an awesome fall day in October.  Little Dasher was such a trooper and was well behaved on leash for this session.  The real fun started when Dasher got loose and splashed around in the creek at Confederation park with some other pups!  What a cutie.  If we didn’t want a dog already, spending time with this bunch sure made us want to take one home.

Thanks for spending a few hours with us guys – we had a blast!

xoxo Andrew and Erin